Lavender History and Benefits

Lavender History and Benefits

Lavender History and Benefits

Lavender accounts for one of the most used essential oil in the world today. According to historians, this oil has been used for medical purposes for more than 2500 years. Egyptians used it when preparing the mummies as it worked as a perfume. Romans used lavender for cooking, bathing and scenting. It was also used religiously as is recorded in the Christian belief that Mary used it to anoint the hair of Jesus. Historians trace back the naming of lavender to Naardus, a Greek name. It is believed that lavender was named after the great Syrian city of Naarda.  It mixes floral and fresh scents to create one that is simply lovely. It is not only loved due to its sweet scent, but it is also used in the cure of many modern day diseases.

Antioxidant Protection

Americans are affected mostly by free radicals which contribute majorly to diseases causing organisms. These free radicals could come from chemicals, pollutants, and toxins. If not watched these radicals can affect your body in a way that it shuts down. The solution to this is the use of antioxidants which the body has a deficiency for. The foods may not be able to supply all your antioxidants you need. The good news is that there are natural options including lavender, natural oils. Users of this essential oil discovered that they experienced a change just by daily inhalation of lavender oils sixty minutes a day.

Treatment of Diabetes 

Treatment of diabetes is probably the most interesting research findings. Researchers discovered that essential oils especially lavender oil treatment. Lavender protects the body against diabetes symptoms. The research showed a reduction of diabetic symptoms such as metabolic disorders, weight increases, increase in blood glucose, and liver-kidney problems. The use of lavender is increasingly becoming significant in the treatment of diabetes.

Brain Support and Mood Improvement

Apart from the groundbreaking diabetes research, lavender has also been found to have immense benefits to the brain. For a long time, lavender was used to treat neurological disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress and migraines. Research continues to prove that these benefits are real. More people are living a better life that is stress-free when they use lavender extracts and essential oils. Researchers have created capsules that help people to beat insomnia, stress, and depression. Continued research continues to prove that there are more health issues and diseases that can be solved using lavender extracts. A different study proves that lavender aromatherapy improves moods.

The benefits of lavender cannot be exhausted. While there are some that are known, continued research will reveal more gains. However, lavender essential oil is very beneficial to the body of a human being.