Martha Hernandez

Martha Hernandez was born in New Jersey USA with a Spanish and Taino ancestry. As a child she displayed an interest in spiritual matters and healing people in the world around her. Her Cuban parents and family of seven conceded to her desire as she was classically trained between 1990 and 1993 as a shaman including martial arts training, long distance running as well as swimming. 

Martha’s inclination for knowledge further saw her graduated in 1996 from the French cooking school south of France with focus on holistic meal preparation. In 2003, she received her student license in Colorado at the Massage Therapy Institute of Massage & School of Chinese medicine and began to practice massage therapy in Colorado.

In 2011 Martha graduated from the American Institute of Health and Beauty as a board certified LMT, becoming a Reiki master also in that year. She performs a variety of Asian modalities including facial abdominal hands on healing Reiki and prenatal care including Thai reflexology shiatsu of the body acupressure of the ears. 

Martha is a minister of First Church of divine power and her flair, imagination and the inspiration to be unique see her currently pursuing Advanced Training in Chinese medicine at holistic health care Miami under Doctor Yehudit Iglesias where she performs energetic Hands on Healing body work for the benefit of all. Martha has acquired proficiency in a variety of modalities that include Reiki shamanic, “Hands on Healing”, Thai reflexology, prenatal massage. Her exceptional professionalism, personal initiative, and loyal devotion reflect in styles such as MLD deep tissue LomiLomi, facial ayurvedic massage, shiatsu, trigger point, ear candling and abdominal massage.

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