Interview Featuring Yehudit Iglesia

Interview Featuring Yehudit Iglesia

Interview Featuring Yehudit Iglesia

Yehudit Igelsia, LAc, MS

Holistic Healthcare Miami encourages patients to be empowered and achieve maximum health through alternative methods of healing. 

“Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) practitioners use a variety of holistic approaches to healing,” says Yehudit Iglesia, owner and founder and acupuncture physician at Holistic Healthcare Miami. “TMC practitioners are channels of energy that restore the self-healing function of the body through the insertion of needles in the body’s energy pathways to remove blockage, deficiencies or excess energies. This activates, nourishes and balances the immune system and equalizes the energy field of your body, mind and soul for the purpose of regaining its healthier functions.”


Who is the ideal candidate for holistic medicine?

“Every human being, and even animals, with medical conditions or the absence of them. Holistic practitioners don’t only heal, but also teach a more balancing lifestyle, prevent diseases and negative manifestations. A person does not have to have a medical condition to receive acupuncture.”

What is the assessment process like for those coming to see you for the first time?

“The initial consultation, which is always complementary in our practice, last for about an hour. The practitioner and patient will usually sit down and go through an intensive intake. The practitioner will ask patients questions that range from simple, such as location and measurement of pain, to very deep content, such as dreams, desires and habits. The practitioners will also measure the energy field of the patient, colors of body parts, body language and postures. The practitioner will ask you to show him or her your tongue; the shape, as well as the color and coating of the tongue, is important as a form of diagnosis.”

What does the range of treatments include?

“I use many different schools of thought and techniques from different philosophies to help my patients go to their next level of healing for a more balanced, happy lifestyle. My first degree is in psychology; the gave me the ability to listen and allowing patients to talk and de-stress. I am a certified hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists. I’m a reiki master and perform mesotherapy; I also treat my patients with homeopathic medicine and Chinese for herbology. I’m a certified theta healer and have performed and still specialize in esoteric acupuncture to help guide my patients to a higher degree of consciousness and healing.”


Published in Aventura Magazine – October 2015 Issue