Your Ultimate Guide about the Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy

Your Ultimate Guide about the Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy

Your Ultimate Guide about the Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy

When you hear the word ‘traditional Chinese medicine’ you will instantly think about the use of herbal medicines and acupuncture.  Chinese Cupping is also a part of the traditional Oriental medicine which dates back to 300 AD.  The first ever documented use of cupping can be found in an ancient handbook written by herbalist named Ge Hong.  Cupping is a process that involves the use of bamboo jars or glass cups that acts as a suction device.  This is used for different purposes such as a form of deep-tissue massage, relaxation, improving the blood flow, reduce inflammation and manage pain.

Understanding the Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy

There are various methods on how to conduct suction by using cups.  One of the older methods involve the use of alcohol wherein they will place a swab of alcohol at the bottom of the cup and light it; the therapist will then placed the cup immediately directly onto the patient’s skin.  It can also be done by placing the inverted glass into the tiny flame.  Flames are only intended to generate heat that will cause the suction; they should not touch the surface of your skin.

After the suction, the cup will be moved gently across the surface of your skin which is also referred to as gliding cupping.  The suction caused by the cup will cause the superficial layer of the muscle and skin to be drawn in the cup.  In a simpler term, traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy can be considered as an inverted form of massage.  It utilizes the pressure to pull the muscle upward.  Most patients find it relieving and relaxing.  Usually, this process is always conducted in unison with acupuncture.

Benefits of Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy

  • Strengthen your Lungs- According to the experts; cupping can be used to treat the common respiratory maladies such as asthma or common cold.  During the ancient time in China, it was also recommended to treat the pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • A Great Deep-Tissue Treatment- Many people believe that cupping can affect 4 inches (from the external skin up to the deep tissue).  This process promotes the release of toxins, refreshing of the arteries and vein and clearing all the blockages.

What is it Use For?

  • Varicose Veins
  • Bronchial Congestion
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Migraine
  • Elevated Blood Pressure
  • Acne and eczema
  • Fertility
  • Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
  • Hemophilia and anemia

Cupping is considered safe as long as you choose an authorized health professional to conduct it.  Before you decide whether cupping is suitable for you, we advise you to talk first with your primary care doctor.  You should also talk with the cupping therapist extensively to clear any of your concerns and fully prepare yourself.